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4 Ways To Avoid House Rental Scam

Lately, there have been too many house rental scam in Klang Valley. There are some ways that you can use to avoid all these rental scams.

1. Always engage with a registered property agent

Generally in Malaysia, we have 3 types of agents which are Real Estate Negotiator (REN), Probationary Estate Agent (PEA), and Registered Estate Agent/Principal (REA). Engage with these key players in the industry. They have SOP to do their task.

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2. Set house viewing

The most crucial reason why this is important is to make sure that the unit is an actual and real unit. Among the modus operandi often used by scammers is to use random pictures and house details as advertising to deceive their victims.

3. Don’t simply transfer your money

Make sure you understand the terms & conditions of booking the rental house. If everything is good, then you shall proceed to book the house. It the best if there is an agreement (Offer to Rent/Booking form) for this booking process.

4. Tenancy Agreement

Well, a tenancy agreement is a good place to start. This kind of rental contract lays out the terms and conditions agreed upon by the landlord and tenant at the start of a rental period. It’s an important document to ensure that both parties understand their responsibilities and that both parties have their rights protected.

In conclusion, always engage with the registered person in charge. Meet the property guy in person. Set house viewing and understand the terms & conditions. Last but not least, ensure there is a written contract between you as a tenant and landlord.

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