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Each of us will have a sense of excitement when talking about wanting to buy our first home. But in the excitement, do not be complacent and forgetful. There are several pieces of advice that you need to digest and think about before making any decisions. 4 tips for future first home buyers:

1. Start taking care of your financial profile from the beginning. 

Before you decide to buy a home, make sure your financial records are in good shape. Good in what way? Good in terms of repaying your monthly commitments with the bank, such as car payments, motorcycles, credit cards, personal loans, and others. Avoid arrears and make repayments within the specified period. 

2. Create financial records

Avoid having no monthly commitment (clean record) because the bank cannot ensure that you are a good paymaster. Therefore, the best way for you to do it is by creating some financial records such as ASBF or buying a vehicle that you can afford. Pay this monthly commitment according to the time and amount given. This can prove that you are a good borrower. Banks will also find it easier to provide housing financing for you. 

3. Find a house that is within your budget. 

Check your eligibility before buying a house. This is because it can save your time, making it easier for you to find a house that suits your salary and existing commitments. In addition, you can also estimate how much amount of deposit you need to prepare to buy a house. 

4. Don’t follow your friend’s lifestyle. 

Don’t follow your friend’s lifestyle just because you want their praise. In the end, you are the only person that needs to pay monthly installments for the house. So, you need to be more thoughtful than that. Act with knowledge and plan.

In conclusion, create and maintain your financial profile as best as possible. Look for a property that suits your salary and don’t ever make a buying decision just because you want to follow your friend’s lifestyle.

Think smart, act smart.

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